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Mark Badland & Trent Harnett

Earlier this year, our 25 year-old family-built Tourism business landed in a tricky spot created by a certain virus.

Mark had a light-bulb moment (he’s a self-proclaimed “ideas man”). It’s actually something he’s been on about for a while, and with a bit of extra time on our hands, we had the chance to give it a decent crack.

We know there are many experiences to be had all around this gorgeous country. That is our bread and butter after all! But we reckon they can be taken from ok to epic, by breaking away from the norm. Spicing up the standard boring travel packages to make them something truly memorable.

There has been a lot of talk about New Zealanders travelling locally. The only challenge is that us Kiwi’s really take D.I.Y to the extreme and that includes booking trips around Aotearoa. We think we know what NZ has to offer and that we can do it ourselves, so we all head to the internet to see what’s served up.

Our approach is to create experiences that get people talking. Experiences that Kiwi’s wouldn’t think to put together themselves or find through a quick online search. Short trips that literally leave people saying ‘Not in a month of Sundays’ would I have thought of doing that.

And on that note, Month Of Sundays was born.

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